Scholarship opportunities for LCPS seniors

The Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation is now accepting applications for 2022 Scholarships

The LCPS Foundation awards scholarships during the spring semester to graduating seniors from any of the Las Cruces School District's high schools. Some scholarships have specific eligibility requirements established by the donors. Please review the scholarship descriptions carefully and apply for any scholarship for which you meet the requirements. But, no individual can be awarded more than one scholarship. The Foundation Scholarship committee will meet to review all applications and the recipients will be notified by email. The scholarship awards will be presented to the recipients at their high school's Senior Award Ceremony. For more information, please visit the Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation Funding Application site.

Please click the LCPS Foundation link to view the available scholarships for 2022: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws...

The Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation 2022 Scholarships

Go to to apply for the list of scholarships for 2022. Applications must be submitted by midnight April 8, 2022.

For questions contact Amy McCarty at or call 575-527-5888.

Dr. J.W. & Mary Tucker Memorial Granted Scholarship 

The Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation, Inc. has created the Dr. J.W & Mary Tucker Memorial Granted Scholarship in collaboration with the Dr. J.W & Mary Tucker Memorial Scholarship Endowment. It is intended that the funds will provide $2,000.00 (non-renewable) scholarship to a graduating senior from Las Cruces High School, Mayfield High School, Organ Mountain High School and Centennial High School within the Las Cruces School Public Schools.


Annually the LCPS Foundation will work with the four individual schools to identify the four students who will be awarded the one time, non-renewable, $2000.00 scholarship based on the following:

1. Be a graduating senior from Las Cruces High School, Mayfield High School, Organ Mountain High School or Centennial High School; 2. Have participated in at least 2 Varsity Sports; 3. Has the highest grade point average at each school of those who qualify; 4. If a tie was to occur determination will be considered in the following order: 5. Number of Varsity Letters obtained from the school he/she is graduating; 6. The number of courses completed at the school he/she is graduating; 7. If a tie still exists determination will be decided upon by representation from the Tucker Family, LCPS Athletics and the LCPS Foundation.

Awardees must submit their contact information to the LCPS Foundation prior to the granted scholarship funds being released. Monies awarded may be sent to individuals or to educational institutions as requested by awardees.

Click: The Dr. J.W. & Mary Tucker Memorial Granted Scholarship to download the scholarship criteria form

For questions contact Amy McCarty, Executive Director of the LCPS Foundation, at or call 575-527-5888.

The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico

Apply for a Scholarship:

Application opens in December 2021 through March 13th.  Click here to apply.

*First time users will need to setup a new account in order to apply*

Would you like to know more about all of the many scholarship opportunities housed at the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico? 

Look at the list below to see which scholarships could benefit you!

  • Aaron Michael Cox Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
    • Scholarships for minority students studying Audio Production at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
  • Alamogordo Breakfast Lions Club Scholarship
    • To support students who are graduating senior(s) from Alamogordo High School enrolled in the CTE (Career Technical Education) program classes in a Professional Occupation, Technical, Health or Trades, area of study, attending New Mexico State University-Alamogordo campus or a certified school in New Mexico other than NMSU-A to continue a CTE type degree.
  • Alexis Elle Endowment Fund Scholarship
    • For single mothers with financial need attending NMSU and/or DACC
  • Alexis Legarreta ENLACE Scholarship
    • To help with furthering the education of graduating Mayfield High School ENLACE participants.
  • Alfred P. Corral Endowment Fund
    • Scholarships for Hispanic students, with a preference for students from Mexico with a preference for students enrolled at DACC
  • Anna-Marie Aldaz Scholarship Fund
    • The purpose of this scholarship is to provide scholarships to students in which English is not their native language, attending Dona Ana Community College studying English as a second language.
  • Aprendamos Juntos Scholarship
    • The purpose of this scholarship is to provide scholarships to NM resident, second-semester students working in one of the following; physical therapy, occupational therapy, board certified behavior analyst program.
  • Barry McClure Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
    • Scholarships for post-secondary education for students graduating from a high school in southern New Mexico, participating in a track or golf program or entering a professional golf management program at New Mexico State University
  • Catherine Joyce Webb Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • To make awards to one or more (undergraduate/graduate) students attending NMSU Alamogordo campus.
  • CFSNM Academic Scholarship
    • To award outstanding academic students from Dona Ana County in southern New Mexico.
  • Clarence H. Fielder Memorial Scholarship
    • To support African American students from historically underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Cloudcroft Community Group Scholarship
    • Scholarship for students from Cloudcroft planning to attend a New Mexico institution for higher learning.
  • Covarrubias Family Foundation Endowment Fund
    • Jose Covarrubias Scholarship – Graduating senior from Hot Springs High School, planning to attend New Mexico State University
    • Myra Covarrubias Scholarship – Student, junior or senior status, attending New Mexico State University and majoring in Special Education
  • David Diaz Music From the Heart Endowment Fund
    • New Mexico music programs and/or music scholarships for both public and private school students
  • Dr. Robert Palmer Scholarship Fund
    • To make awards for one or more students from Luna county
  • Forch E. Atkinson Scholarship Endowment Fund
    • Providing an annual scholarship to a graduating senior from the Lovelady High School, in the Lovelady Independent School District, located in Lovelady, TX for post-secondary education
  • Frankie D. & Russell E. Clemons Endowment Fund Scholarships
    • Healthcare providers (nurses, respiratory therapists, medical technicians, etc.) at DACC and NMSU
  • From the Heart Endowment Fund
    • Nursing scholarships for students at NMSU
  • Good Samaritan Scholarship
    • To support students pursuing a degree in nursing, social work or certified nursing
  • Hakes Brothers STEM Scholarship Fund
    • To support single parents that reside in Dona Ana County studying within a field associated with STEM, Medical Professional, Accounting or Legal Services.
  • Harold Cousland Fund for Young Journalists
    • Scholarships for young journalists
  • Hazel Hutchcroft Memorial Endowment Fund
    • Annually, the distributable income will be designated for nursing education at DACC in Las Cruces, NM
  • Healthcare Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund
    • To make at least one scholarship award for the fall semester to students enrolled at Dona Ana Community College in health-related programs
  • Hispanic Scholarship Endowment Fund
    • To award scholarships to minority students graduating from high schools in southern New Mexico and attending either New Mexico State University or Dona Ana Community College
  • Holloway Irwin Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • To support a student graduating from a Chaves County, New Mexico School District, an undergraduate student attending any higher education 4-year university with a 3.5 GPA or higher showing commitment to their community through volunteerism.
  • Johanna Koester Heine Endowment Fund
    • Education for nurses
  • Jon Wynne Endowment Fund
    • Scholarships for DACC students with financial need
  • Judith Shelton-Gibson Endowment Fund
    • Healthcare educational grants at DACC and NMSU
  • Kevin T. Riedel Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
    • To make one or more annual awards to young people from the Las Cruces area to help defray their costs of higher education
  • Las Cruces Optimist Clubs Endowment Fund
    • Optimist Clubs scholarships
  • Leonard R. and Lois I. Sugerman Health Sciences Scholarship Fund
    • Scholarships for students enrolled in the Health Science Department at the College of Health and Social Services at NMSU in Las Cruces, NM
  • Lowell R. Duhrsen II Memorial Endowment Fund
    • Healthcare scholarships at NMSU
  • Michael D. and Cynthia E. Pinholster Scholarship Endowment
    • To make awards to an undergraduate student attending New Mexico State University
  • NMSU Sigma Nu Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Eddie Jaramillo Fund
    • Scholarships for business students at the NMSU College of Business and Economics Department
  • Ronnie Wright Rotary Fund
    • To support students who live in Dona Ana County and are active in Rotary, RYLA or Rotaract.
  • Southern NM Down Syndrome Families Scholarship Fund Endowment
    • Providing financial assistance via a scholarship to those persons with Down syndrome who want to pursue post-secondary studies/life skills training at approved educational institutions or organizations
  • SpringBoard!–click here to apply
    • For both traditional and non-traditional (female) students entering or enrolled in a southern New Mexico community college or vocational school
  • Sunspot Solar-Mellow & Janet Honek Endowment Fund
    • Providing scholarships to Native American youth attending NMSU
  • Village at Northrise Endowment Fund
    • Healthcare educational scholarships at DACC and NMSU
  • You Fund
    • Providing scholarships for New Mexico State University or Dona Ana Community College students with career goals in medicine or law and from a single-parent home
  • Zachary Adam Giordan-Lascari Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • This scholarship is intended to benefit a father attending or planning to attend a physical therapy institute to study Physical Therapy.
    • Preference will be given to students attending Pima Medical Institute studying Physical Therapy in Albuquerque
  • Zachary Eiland Lansford Endowment Fund
    • To support scholarships for students pursuing nursing degrees at institutions of higher learning